“Our actions today and in the future need to be always inspired by the most

noble principles: protecting the environment and the community where we operate,

so that they can remain our heritage and that of our children”

Our path towards sustainability begins with People, who are considered key resources

in the creation of value. To improve the quality of life of our collaborators,

we are establishing "ll cassetto delle idee", a tool aimed at collecting

suggestions and opinions, while we are actively developing innovative

procedures based on the use of generative artificial intelligence.

We promote paperless initiatives to actively encourage our collaborators

to develop a working environment without paper, pursuing the ambitious goal

of eliminating it completely.

Each phase of our production takes place in Italy, combining ancient craft

techniques with modern production processes. We collaborate with small

artisan workshops to support precious Italian family-run businesses.

To minimize production waste, each component of our sweaters

is carefully sewn and shaped with care, and in case of imperfections

we work to repair the product or recover its yarn.

To enhance our offer, we certify our sustainability performance and we assess

our suppliers and external laboratories' compliance with ESG topics.

Discover our ESG CERTIFICATE and find out more about our PARTNERS.

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