Cashmere Hircus Mongolia Goat

Gran Sasso combines the finest quality cashmere fibre with the skill of traditional craftsmen to create the world’s finest quality cashmere yarn.

Finest cashmere yarn is made from the world’s finest quality cashmere fibre that originates from goats living in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia.

Rigorous testing and quality control are built into every aspect of manufacturing.

Our cashmere suppliers check each individual bale for impurities, colour, micron thickness and length.

It is the control of these factors that determines the handling and supreme quality of the finished product.

EXTRA FINE MERINOS Sheep from New Zealand/Austrialia

The Extra Fine Merino wool is the fibre obtained from the Australian breed of sheep of the same name.

It is made exclusively from fibre with fineness of less than 19.5 microns, it has features that provide exceptional yarn elasticity, extremely brilliant and solid colors, and an overall unequaled softness in the finished garment.

In fact, after sheep-shearing, only the parts of the fleece that have the best characteristics in terms of finesse, medium height, style and minimal presence of black and colored hairs and vegetable fibers are chosen.

Garments made with Extra Fine Merino wool are precious, unique and above all long-lasting.

These garments can be immediately recognized by touching them: let your fingers glide smoothly over the surface of a pullover and you will feel its particular softness. The purchase of this garment is a choice of absolute quality.


A precious yarn originating from the union of two of the most noble fibres, silk and cashmere.

This refined mix gives knits a satin effect and very gentle handle. Due to its characteristics of resistance, it is a yarn especially suitable for manufacturing light products, while ensuring protection and warmth in the winter.

Choosing Cashmere and Silk means making a choice of the highest quality, rediscovering the true meaning of luxury in the garment of knitwear and a rare tactile pleasure.

Super Tasmania Sheep from Tasmania

Merino sheep, which produce fine and Superfine wools of absolute quality, graze in the beautiful scenery of the Australian territories, where expert breeders take care of the best animals.

As a result, a fine wool with exceptional characteristics is obtained. This not only thanks to the natural environment, of which there are very few equal in the world, but also through a strict selection of sheep, carried out in line with the most modern genetic criteria.

The fineness of the fiber not exceeding 17.5 microns, is selected with the utmost care and can be recognized by its exclusive properties: it is white, bright, and extraordinarily soft.

The whiteness of this fiber offers endless possibilities for coloring.

Super Tasmania gives the wearer pleasant sensations, ensuring constant protection and warmth in the winter, freshness in the Summer, next-to-skin softness 365 days a year.

Choosing Super Tasmania means making a choice of the highest quality, rediscovering the true meaning of luxury in the knitwear and a rare tactile pleasure

Super Geelong Sheep from Australia

South Australia produces good quality wools, but the very best is SUPER-GEELONG, that looks and feel fantastic to wear it has a super-drape and next-to-skin softness and IS great in knitwear.

GENETICALLY, the structure of the Super-geelong wool fibers is much more crimped than normal merino, (the curvature of the fibre is MORE THAN 25%).

This particular property increases the natural SOFTNESS of the yarn, allowing it to produce incomparable finished garments in terms of wooliness, comfort and quality.

A garment in merino super geelong OFFERS YOU A little piece of luxury in today's hectic and demanding lifestyle.

Fresh Cotton Cotton plantation Egypt

Fresh Cotton is an evolution of the Egyptian cotton, both clean and sharp.

Just as ice can be both smooth in essence and rough on the surface.

Fresh cotton has a clean-cut outline with no pilling, ruffled only by the creping process.Fresh Cotton is the combination of the top quality Egyptian cotton with the technological innovation COM4 spinning, which literally eliminates every trace of pilling in the fiber. An original result, for the most demanding aesthetes and true connoisseurs of quality textiles.

Gran Sasso uses Fresh Cotton to make thin, light, clean and crisp jumpers that do not stick to the body but encourage fresh and natural ventilation perfect for the summer season.


Lisle yarn is a high quality knitted fabric in cotton with unique features such as gloss, softness and silkiness.

It is the most valuable amongst the cotton yarns and can only be obtained from the noblest of long fiber cottons, such as Egyptian.

Lisle yarn is combed: to remove the shorter and weaker fibers.

It is resistant: because it is twisted and doubled: that is, it consists of two threads of identical quality. The twisting operation makes it more resilient.

It is gassed: that is, it is skimmed over a gas flame to remove protruding fibers and acquire the ultimate in smoothness and brightness.

It is mercerized in skeins: that is, immersed in a special bath with the fibers perfectly controlled in tension. The yarn thus treated is comfortable and resistant. The natural high breathability fiber dries easily leaving the skin with a pleasant feeling of freshness .

SILK Silkworms

Gran Sasso silk belongs to the “precious” category, inasmuch as it is produced with a pure silk thread, weaved and finished entirely in Italy, therefore a 100% MADE IN ITALY.

The main characteristics are elegance and luxury, that are conveyed from all points of view and in whatever way it is utilized.

The sliding and pleasing touch, highlights a well-finished and very characteristic garment.

Very ample and extremely refined range of colours to satisfy all tastes.

LINEN Linen plantation

Linen is a vegetable fibre that is extracted from the plant of the same name, by means of soaking the stalk in water. The plant is slim with white and azure flowers.

The best and most refined linen comes from Western Europe, in particular from Holland, Belgium and France, and it is distinguished by the quality brand “Masters of Linen”.

Being a natural fibre, it possesses hypoallergenic characteristics, and is ideal also for the most sensitive skins. It is very resilient, above all when wet, it can be washed repeatedly without altering it, in fact washing makes it softer; Linen does not become deformed with use thanks to its low elasticity.

Its high capacity of absorbing humidity and its thermal conductivity ensure comfort, especially in the summer season. In fact linen gives a feeling of freshness to the touch.

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